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Samsung GALAXY S10 Glass Screen Repair Replacement KIT + Tools + Loca UV Glue 5ml.

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Repair Your Glass Screen * Complete Kit * Strongest Glass On The Market * Free Warranty * Free Shipping * Repair It Right The First Time

Fix a broken screen on your Samsung Galaxy S10 quickly and cheaply with a replacement kit from Fix Phone Store. We include the highest-quality parts in our kits.

Let's talk about the real victim of a broken Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone screen: Your pride. 

All it takes is one bad drop to put a crack smack in the middle of your screen, where you're trying to watch YouTube videos or play a video game. When you show a funny meme or photo to a friend, all they see is the crack. Then they start either ribbing you for being a klutz or treat you with the sympathy reserved for the death of a small pet such as a hamster. 

We all know that crack is going to grow and fork, and that compromises the waterproof and dust proof features. But in the first few days of that first break, what's really broken is the glow of your new-phone pride. 

Fix Phone Store feels your pain, and wants to help you fix that screen without a lengthy replacement process from your smartphone provider or a repair shop. We offer screen replacement kits that come with everything you need to do the job yourself.

  • Our 6.1-inch glass replacement is made from the highest-quality, ion-infused, oleophobic coated glass on the market for superior strength.
  • It's made to fit the Samsung Galaxy S10 exactly, featuring the same bezels (or lack of them). You'll enjoy the exact same edge-to-edge screen view.
  • You'll get every single tool you'll need, from a spudger and screwdrivers to open it up.
  • Our detailed instructions show you every step of the process with clarity for a successful installation.

We've been helping customers just like you get their pride back in their new phones without spending a fortune on expensive repairs. Our low prices and outstanding shipping rates help save you even more money. At Fix Phone Store, we want you to be proud of your phone again.


  • Works with ALL Galaxy S10 phones
  • Includes replacement glass lens screen, tools, Loca UV Glue 5ml.
  • Made with ion-infused glass to resist shattering 
  • Oleophobic-coated glass to reduce fingerprints and smudging
  • Includes free shipping and free warranty
  • Front Outer Glass Lens Screen Replacement Kit (This part is commonly used to repair a broken or scratched glass lens.)
  • Made With The Highest Quality Ion-Infused Glass On The Market. Shatter Resistant Glass, fingerprint resistant oleo-phobic coating.
  • Includes EASY-HACK Installation Instructions / Tips / Hacks (Don't get stuck not knowing how to put your phone back together)
  • Includes phone repair tools kit
  • Free Warranty! (No Hassle)
  • Free Shipping! (Don't get stuck waiting weeks to receive your order)
  • We only use the highest quality OEM Grade materials available on the market. 
  • **Beware** of knock-off cheaper imitations sold elsewhere. (You get what you pay for and you only want to make this repair once. Repair it right the first time.)
  • Exact Size: 6.1 inches (83.6% screen-to-body ratio)

*Attention* These Sale prices are only good until the current stock runs out. 


Package Includes:

1 x Replacement Glass Lens Screen 
1 x Set Tools 
1 x Premium Loca UV Glue Low Viscosity Cure with the Sunlight 5-10 Minutes
1 x Quick and Easy Instructions

Our Galaxy S10 replacement screen from Fix Phone Store is made of the strongest glass available.  


  • Works with ALL Samsung Galaxy S10 phones
  • Works with all Galaxy S10 models models and colors from all cell phone carriers including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile and more.
  • USA Model numbers SM-G9730

Are you worried you need to buy a new Galaxy phone due to your cracked screen? Instead of buying something new, simply repair it! This is our Premium Samsung Galaxy S10 Glass Screen Replacement Repair Kit for do-it-yourself.

This complete repair kit includes a new glass screen that has been manufactured with precision to ensure the perfect fit for your phone and features scratch and shatter resistant glass. So what are you waiting for? Save your hard-earned money and fix your phone yourself!

Why Fix Phone Store?
* 5 star Google Shopping product reviews (Don't take chances buying from a store with no reviews)
* Featured Google Trusted Store
* Full Warranty - 100% Guaranteed
* Free Shipping!
* Lowest Price Promise
* Easy No Hassle Returns
* Flexible Payment Options Including: (Credit Card, Apple Pay, PayPal)

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